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Narrative Essay Rubric. Inform and Explain Rubric.

Basic Essay Rules. Basic Essay Rules Notes. Body Paragraph Format. Writing a One and Two Chunk Paragraph. How to Write a Narrative Essay. How to Write a Narrative Essay Notes th. How to Write an Argument Essay. How to Write an Argumentative Essay Notes. How to Write an Inform and Explain Essay. How to Write an Informative Essay Notes. MLA Format.

Peer Review Sheet - Argument Essay. Peer Review Checklist - Argument. Peer Review Sheet - Narrative Essay.

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Illustration Essay Peer Review 1. Have your partner also stop you at any point they HEAR a problem in order to ask a question, clarify a point, or make a suggestion.

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Write down their questions or suggestions in a different color ink or a pencil on the paper. Switch jobs and repeat. Does the paper meet all of the requirements of the assignment?

Peer Edit Peer Editing Checklist Peer Editing Sheet For Narrative Writing

If not, specify what the problem is 5. Does it identify the appropriate audience of the advertisement? Who is the audience? Could they be more specific? Does it include examples to support that identification?

Does it have the proper formatting? Does the introduction include an effective hook? Is the thesis specific enough? Ask any questions or offer any suggestions for the thesis statement. Do they indicate what the main topic of each paragraph is going to be? Do they connect back to the thesis statement?

Offer a suggestion for one topic sentence to make it more effective. Do the body paragraphs include specific examples from the advertisement? List the specific examples for each paragraph. Are they weighted evenly? Does each example support the thesis statement? How is the paper organized? Offer any suggestions for a better way to organize the paper. Say, for instance, would it be more effective to change the order of the examples?

Why or why not?