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Use narrative and descriptive elements to strengthen expository writing. Writers often use expository essays to report on an idea they.

Poaching is a process of illegally killing rare animals for commercial benefits. As it is a criminal activity the animals can only be sold only on the Black Market. The second reason is the loss of natural habitat. In these circumstances the wild animal species simply have no place to go.

And even when they have somewhere to go, they cannot always resettle in a new habitat. As a result, they do not survive. The same applies to endangered plants. They are often stolen and sold or are destroyed when humans need more farm land. As this second reason is also caused by humans only we can do something to help nature. A paragraph dealing with some solutions would be appropriate here. The Earth has already witnessed five mass extinctions and is about to experience one more.

More than 99 percent of total species, amounting to over five billion species that ever existed on Earth are estimated to be extinct Gaston and Kunin. But why does it happen? What are natural reasons for the species to disappear? Usually, it is linked to habitat fragmentation and climate change. But there also are other hidden reasons underneath them. There is one latent reason that lies in the bottom of animal and plant extinction and poses the single greatest threat to the biological diversity of our planet.

Habitat fragmentation is destructive change to landscapes and environment that is caused either by natural phenomena, such as floods, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, or human activities, such as deforestation, construction, artificial land drainage, and changing land use for agriculture. If the habitat is reduced in size or divided into smaller pieces, it tends to support smaller populations of species, which poses an increased risk of a genetic diversity that influences long-term survival of the species.

If the environment is demolished it forces inhabitants to flee from the territory, they adapted to for hundreds of years and migrated to a different environment. If they are not able to adapt to changes, one of them will be pushed towards extinction. Another cause of the extinction is climate change, which is the change in the distribution of average weather patterns, which can last for an extended period of time, like millions of years.

While the energy output of the Sun and rotation of our planet are unabated, the density of the ozone shield and greenhouse gas concentration are in limits of reach and humanity fails to maintain it. The depletion of the ozone layer is only caused by human-made chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons CFCs and other halogenated ozone depleting substances and enables more UV to come through. The power of UV radiation affects the way plants form, timing the growth and development, metabolism, and distribution of plant nutrient, which important implications for plant competitive balance, animals that feed on these plants, plant diseases, and biogeochemical cycles.

Rising temperatures of the oceans directly affect the metabolism, behavior and life cycle of marine species. Their physical characteristics make polar bears a perfect fit for the arctic Strong Essays words 3. It seems the more uninformed one is on a subject the more strongly the feel about it. Occasionally there are those who address issues they are well informed on in a well-organized and civilized manner, weighing both the pros and cons of the side they advocate.

Brandon M. Strong Essays words 4. Currently, there are around 2, species that the Endangered Species Act lists as either endangered or threatened throughout the world, many of which are found in the United States ecosystems and a handful that are only found in foreign ecosystems Ehrlich Because of the considerable number of endangered species, people should be aware of endangered species and help to protect these creatures society, as their unnatural extinction due to our actions and negl Strong Essays words 6.

Because of the increase of endangered wildlife society now faces several extinctions therefore, to prevent this problem, the government should pass laws or policies that provide greater protection and preservation, provide more information about endangered species, give more publicity to the issue and support charities. Better Essays words 4. Have you ever caught a glimpse of the alluring, pristine and stunning Kakapo bird flying freely in the small island of New Zealand before. If not, then you are fortunate as these marvellous birds are slowly recovering from their severe endangerment.

However, many beautiful and ravishing animals that reside in the United States may never be seen again. This is because the United States Government does not provide adequate, efficient or productive methods to save these species and the government desperately needs to improve their methods and ways Powerful Essays words 4.

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An endangered species is a group of organisms that have a risk of becoming extinct. Many reasons for this are habitat loss, predators, too few organisms for sustainable reproduction. Habitat loss is the most widespread cause of species endangerment and extinction. Usually, this is happening because of human activity including deforestation and pollution.

Endangered species

We share the world with all sorts of creatures from animals of all sizes, and shapes. Creatures that crawl, slide, run, swim, fly, or burrow. As scientists expand their knowledge about the world they unmask many types of species living on this planet. Scientist has discovered about 1. It is very rare to know that there are many unknown animals, such as large birds or even mammals, but there could be million little creatures wanting to be discovered such as insects, spiders, shellfish, and even worms The changes on earth have affected many animals, plants, and ecosystems.

Different kinds of species stay involved with the dramatic changes the earth has went through. The past includes climate changes, distinctions, meteorites, and evolution processes. The changes on earth will always impact different species no matter where the species occupies. The changes on earth have led to many species becoming endangered. Better Essays words 2. The Endangered Species Act ESA , established in , is a federal mandate that requires the endangered species to be listed and subsequently protected to avoid future extinction of the species - included is the protection of their critical habitat According to Dr.

Hone is stating the claim that zoos are relatively safe and can provide a place for the species to breed to provide a foundation population. This will allow a nearly extinct species to slowly bounce back and survive for future generations Better Essays words 3. Even though a great deal of knowledge may be acquired by the astonishing information, and captivating images, wildlife succeeds in inspiring and wooing its viewers, however the lack of physical contact will always be subtracted from the experience.

Zoos and aquariums offer fun, physical, educational, and personal exploration that only these facilities can offer It was during this time that people began to consider the effects of their polluting cars and their wasteful habits. One of the most important factors that resulted from this expansion of environmental consciousness occurring over the last several decades has been the protection of endangered species Term Papers words 6.

What crime did the animal commit to be imprisoned to a life of captivity. The purpose of ESA is to protect and recover species in their ecosystems, for which they have lived on. Under the ESA, species are specified into two categories; endangered or threatened. Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. Issues of animal welfare, health, environment, politics and morality should all be carefully deliberated on to determine that the good would outweigh the bad5.

Many ethical drawbacks and arguments have been raised against the support of de-extinction alongside the arguments that many have against the process of cloning Better Essays words 4 pages Preview. Marshall and J. Robin Warren. Later researchers discovered that H. For the past years, there has been decrease in H. Better Essays words 1. Not a lot of us think about how what we do affects the world around us. We almost act like we are the only ones on this planet.

We go around polluting and destroying our world with no regard for our actions. The things that live out in the wild are paying the price for it. Every day that passes there is another animal or plant that is placed on an endangered list. This is happening at an alarming rate. Strong Essays words 5. On June 20, the bald eagle was unofficially declared as the representative of the United States of America.

There is a very realistic and near-future solution: cloning But, what is purpose for inferior animals since that is issue at hand. What is the limit when there are no factual limitations. There are so many questions, but yet few answers. Many philosophers and environmentalists argue various points regarding the humanity of animals. Furthermore, endangered, threatened, and extinct species further brings the argument if endangered species worth the fight. How Much Does it Cost. In the Endangered Species Act ESA was created to conserve threatened and endangered plants and animals, and the habitats in which they found Marine Fisheries Service NMFS , was created to provide protection for species at risk of extinction and the habitat in which they thrive.

Nixon deemed the species conservation efforts of the United States insufficient and during the 93rd Congress, the Endangered Species Act of was introduced and passed on December 28th, The problem is no one knows how extinction of organisms will affect the other members of its ecosystem but the removal of a single species can set off a chain reaction affecting others Powerful Essays words 5. Have you ever thought about helping out with this particular problem. Scientists are actually trying to make new laws to explain what is legal and illegal to hunt.

Others can help out, too, by cleaning up any nearby scraps and litter that is harmful to many organisms. We need to use our resources very carefully and wisely. The fact that there are many species becoming endangered, we need to fight to keep another species alive Good Essays words 1. In this modern time, we see a lot of animals disappearing because of humans. This action is made with no or indifferent care about life and existence of biodiversity species and there contribution to the ecosystem of the world. In addition the uncontrolled humans developing is causing serious damage to the habitat in which species can't sustain their life's generating a very prolonged list of endangers species as a result This is caused from pollution in the water, power boats, and slow reproductivity.

As a result, humans are putting an effort into saving these sea cows. The scientific genus name Trichechus, means hair in Latin. The name manatee comes from the Haitian word, "manati". This name is most likely from the fact that manatees are herbivores, just like cows Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, and the importance of maintaining it is not well known throughout the world.

As humans continue to take over the planet they are affecting the surrounding environment. When people drive one species to extinction, it will upset the balance in its own ecosystem. For example, without the prey in a specific ecosystem, the predator would be left with less food to eat There are many threats to the species such as, costal development, pollution, and trade. These threats are all caused by human actions.

1. Endangered Animals Essay

Throughout this paper I will discuss the threats to the Physogyra lichtensteini and how humans can possibly reverse the threats to the species. The Physogyra lichtensteini common name is the pearl bubble coral. The Physogyra lichtensteini is an invertebrate, which means it does not have a backbone and is a part of the phylum Cnidaria Strong Essays words 2. This low number of existing pandas means the species has a relatively high risk of becoming extinct. Therefore, the bears are pushed into small areas without the living conditions they are accustomed to There are many different kinds of conservation movements taking action nowadays, like clean water conservation, ecosystems conservation, or endangered species conservation.

All three issues have been important and major issues after people started acknowledging how serious the problems are.

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The endangered species conservation movement is a worldwide phenomenon that covers an issue that will affect the Earth significantly This means they are plants and animals that now exist in only small numbers and soon may be gone forever unless whatever is causing this to occur changes. Maybe as humans, we need to cherish these plants and animals as much as we cherish our material possessions, as after all these may be the most valuable treasures for all of mankind.

Every organism is affected in one way or another, and it is definitely not a positive affect. There are various terms to describe the status of these animals, just as there are many factors that played into them reaching that status.

The extinction of an organism affects everything that the organism at hand comes into contact with directly and indirectly Some counties are trying to help the decline in these animals. Even though there are many programs in place to help endangered species, there is still many things yet to be done to help control them. In the mids more than 50, whales a year were killed by whaling operations Many of these animals are endangered. These species have become endangered naturally or by humans. Humans have caused an enormous impact on the environment for many years which has caused damages to the ecosystem.

The book Heartbeats by Jeff Corwin tells the stories of animals that are endangered due to either human or natural reasons, and what is being done to save the animals from extinction California was the leading force in environmental change. Though there was little effect, in. I have taken in a ferret and hamster from friends, caught a lizard and kept it for many years, won fish at the fair, and rescued dogs off of craigslist.

Out of the six dogs I have had, none have been purebred or costed more than 50 dollars. This however, does not mean they did not receive the best of care including.

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Kids are good learning languages and, also eager to communicate with. The issue of whether or not to grant animal rights such as those that humans have is greatly disputed over years, but without success. Animal right is an extremely complicated issue that involves the question of animal intellect, animal rights groups, and the pros and cons of granting animals their rights. I have worked with and observed chimpanzees in early. An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct due to three possible reasons: it is few in numbers.

According to the theory of Exponential Growth Curve proposed by Malthus, a lower population tends to have. The reason of their extinction could be the decrease in a number of people speaking that language. Language extinction is caused by external and internal factors. Some people argue that animals shall not be kept in zoos as they deserve freedom. Zoos cannot provide them with enough space, therefore, they cannot run around so as to grow up freely. On the other hand, some people argue that animals should be kept in zoos.

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Nowadays, forests and mountains have been cut down by people. If we leave animals alone, they might have nowhere to find food and nowhere to live. It is for the sake of the animals themselves that we keep. Login Join. Home Page Endangered Animals Essay. Endangered Animals Essay.

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Endangered Animals Essay Animals: Science and Animals - Words think of animals, you think of open fields and ponds. However Words: - Pages: 10 Open Document. I am a member of Words: - Pages: 2 Open Document. Essay About Endangered Animals animal farm essay - Words book animal farm by George Orwell is an allegory about the Russian revolution in In chapter one it shows inequality how the animals arrange themselves the smartest to the least animal in Words: - Pages: 3 Open Document.

Endangered Animals Essay The Animal Testing Controversy - Words A Test to Die For Animal experimentation is an ever growing issue of modern culture and just like many debates one side is labeled the hero and the other a villain, but in the case of animal testing it's not so black and white. And in many cases most people choose to be against animal testing before they even consider Words: - Pages: 8 Open Document. Endangered Animals Essay Extinction and Demersus Animal Endangerment Spheniscus Demersus Animal endangerment are endangered species that are native species that face a significant risk of extinction in the near future.

African penguins haven been Words: - Pages: 2 Open Document. Others fly on in hopes of finding their one true mate, and the rest we never see Words: - Pages: 7 Open Document. A very large species, 65 million years ago, were the dinosaurs Words: - Pages: 5 Open Document. Animal Research - Words Should animal research be continued? Animal research still remains to be a controversial Words: - Pages: 3 Open Document.

The person Words: - Pages: 3 Open Document. The purpose of the ESA is to protect the endangered species, threatened species and critical habitat from further destruction by implementing key rules and guideline which would prevent interference in the species habitat Words: - Pages: 8 Open Document. Animal Testing - Words Animal Testing Every year, 20 million animals are mutilated, blinded, scalded, force fed chemicals, genetically manipulated, hurt and killed for research and science.

The animals they tested on were monkeys, mice, Words: - Pages: 4 Open Document. Human and Non-human Animals experiments.